ICFP 2005 Contest: Live CD v2

We will be running your programs under a customized Knoppix 3.8 installation on an Intel-based system. Use this LiveCD to simulate it on your machine.

There is nothing special on the CD that you will need, nor do you have to use the programming languages that are already installed on it. Instead, we hope that the LiveCD is useful as a tool for testing that your programs work as expected in the environment where will run them, or for telling us how to install any extra support files we will need to make your programs work.

If your programming language of choice cannot produce programs that run on an x86 Linux machine, please let us know as soon as possible at icfpc@plt-scheme.org. We are willing to work with you to ensure that we can evaluate the programs you write.

   Changes from v1

This version updates several packages to newer versions and adds a few languages. Due to space constraints, we had to eliminate some older versions of packages. See the CHANGELOG for details.

   Getting the CD

The LiveCD is available directly via http: icfpc2005-livecd-v2-i386.iso (644MB). The checksum (computed via cksum) is 2058529052 674922469 and the MD5 sum is 953483ffecb421dfa7a96fa14e715b2f.

   Software on the CD

These are the languages and their implementations that come pre-installed on the LiveCD. See INSTALLED for the full list of packages.

Language   Implementation(s)
ANTLR   2.7.6
Basic   Gambas 1.0.3
Bison   1.875d
C   gcc 3.3.5
C++   g++ 3.3.5
Common Lisp   clisp 2.33.2, SBCL 0.8.16
Dylan   Gwydion Dylan 2.4.0RC3
Eiffel   smarteiffel 1.1
Erlang   10.b.5
Flex   2.5.31
Forth   gForth 0.6.2, Retroforth 8.0
Haskell   GHC 6.4, hugs 98.200311
Java   Sun Java 1.5, gcj 3.3.5
M4   1.4.2
Mercury   Mercury 0.11.0.rotd.20
ML   ocaml 3.08.3, SML/NJ 110.42, Moscow ML 201, MLton 20041109
Mono   1.1.8 (C#, Boo 0.5.5, nemerle 0.3.2)
Perl   5.8.4
Python   2.4
Ruby   1.8.2
Scheme   Bigloo 2.6e, Chicken 1.89, Guile 1.6.7, Gauche 0.8.4, PLT Scheme 299.100, Petite Chez Scheme 6.9c, Scheme48 1.2, scsh
Tcl   8.4.9

Some of the packages conflict with different versions of themselves, in which case they are installed in /icfpc on the CD. Be sure to check there if you can't find a package.

The LiveCD also has clients and servers for the CVS, Subversion, and darcs version control systems, an assortment of text editors, an SSH server and client, an X server with Fluxbox, and many other development tools.

   If something goes wrong

The LiveCD is based on Knoppix. If you are not able boot off the CD, the quickest way to figure out what went wrong is probably to search for the solution on KNOPPIX.net, particularly the hardware FAQ and the questions answered in the forums, or search Google. If that fails, the ICFP 2005 LiveCD is not a standard Knoppix CD so do not ask the Knoppix people for help! Ask us instead by sending mail to the ICFP 2005 programming contest mailing list or mailing us directly. We will do the best we can to help you.