ICFP 2005 Contest: Submit

Submissions are now closed.

Submission type:  (Important: see below before changing this)

  • You should use your team's email to identify yourself.
  • Submissions over 100MB will be rejected. Mail us if this is a problem.
  • You can submit multiple times, we will use the latest one.
  • Several backups are kept when you resubmit. On any submission, you will get a receipt email. If you get such an email without submitting, let us now as soon as possible so we can restore your submission from a backup. Older backups might be removed on new submissions, or when they are old enough.

   Submission Format

The submission is expected to be an archive file. You can choose one of several formats: a .tar file, a gzipped .tar.gz (or .tgz) file, a bzipped .tar.bz2 (or .tbz2) file, or a .zip file. The archive should contain your submission in a single "submission" directory. Two executables in this directory, "cop" and "robber" will be used during the competition. You can deliver these executables in three ways:

  1. Your submission can simply include these two executables.
  2. You can include a "build" script which will be run during a setup stage, and is expected to create the two executables.
  3. Alternatively, you can include a "Makefile" that will do the same. The makefile will be used with a plain "make", so the its default target (the first one) is the one that will get used.
If we see the binaries in the archive, they will be used for the competition. Otherwise, we will try the build script, if it exists. If it does not, we will try the Makefile.

Your source code must be included in the submitted archive.

   Essay Submission Format

The essay submission format is similar to the regular submission format. It must also be an archive, as above, containing a single "submission" directory. The directory must contain either an "essay.pdf" file, an "essay.txt" file, or an "essay.html" file. Additional files are also okay, but expected only if the html file needs additional support.

   Multiple Bots

Each team is allowed up to two sets of cop/robber-bots. If you choose to have an extra set, you need to submit (or create in the build script or the Makefile) two additional executables, "cop2" and "robber2".

   Submission Type

Submissions that are created using the LiveCD (or tested with it) will be handled automatically. You do not need to read this section if you use the livecd.

If you want to submit a Windows entry, then your submission should be a zip file following the same format as above: it should contain a single "submission" directory which includes your sources and related material. In addition, your submission should include a ready-to-run "cop" and "robber" executables (either .exe, or .bat). Make sure your executables work with a vanilla Windows XP installation. We will not be running any development tools on Windows. If your executables require DLLs that are not part of a plain XP installation, make sure that you include them and that your executables find them — we will not copy anything into the Windows system folder.

If you want to submit code that is not using the LiveCD option, and not a Windows submission, then use the "other" submission type. This should be considered a last resort solution. You should use this only after reading the following:

  • The format you use should be in the same form as normal submissions: a tar or a zip archive containing only a "submission" directory. You must have a "readme" (or "readme.txt") file that describes how your submission should be used.
  • Your instructions should be clear, easy to follow, and providing enough details.
  • You are expected to pay special attention to your email: we will contact you if there are any problems with your submission.

If we are unable to contact you and unable to run your submission ourselves given some reasonable effort, your submission will be ignored.